GENRE: Thriller

STATUS: Development

DIRECTOR: Mikael Marcimain 

WRITER: Casey Affleck 

CAST: Casey Affleck

PRODUCERS: Teddy Schwarzman, Casey Affleck, Ben Stillman 


SYNPOSIS: Set in an atmospheric city overrun with crime, VILLAIN is a gritty and grounded modern take on the origins of a superhero. Having survived a brutal home invasion that left his family dead, Bill Holbrook (Casey Affleck) has lost everything of meaning in his life. All seems without purpose until Bill realizes he’s developed a unique power in the wake of his trauma – an ability to see into people’s pasts, presents, and futures. Equipped with this gift, Bill goes on a mission of revenge both to find the men who killed his family and to clean up his city long overdue for justice. A character-driven, high concept thriller in the vein of TAXI DRIVER and NIGHTCRAWLER, VILLAIN explores the fine line between being a hero and becoming a villain.