GENRE: Comedy

STATUS: Post-Production 


DIRECTOR: Jason Reitman

WRITER: Diablo Cody           

CAST: Charlize Theron                 

PRODUCERS: Aaron L. Gilbert, Jason Reitman, Helen Estabrook, Diablo Cody, Mason Novick, Charlize Theron, AJ Dix, Beth Kono

PRODUCTION COMPANIES: Bron Studios, Right of Way Productions, Denver and Delilah

SYNPOSIS: In TULLY, Theron plays a woman, married with two kids, and about to have a third, who grudgingly accepts her well-to-do brother's gift of a "night nanny", in the hopes that it will alleviate some of the stress in her life. The "night nanny" arrives in the form of a beautiful free spirited college girl who helps the woman do more than just find more time and energy, completely turning her life around in the most unexpected of ways.